WSP Solutions: a client magazine distributed globally

We have been working with the group marketing team at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff since 2011 to produce its client magazine, Solutions.

Solutions brings the company’s technical expertise to life, revealing the secrets of its projects and the people who deliver them in an accessible, readable way. Katie was originally asked by WSP to review the existing format and suggested a number of changes to make it more dynamic and engaging for readers. Since then, we have written and sub-edited eight issues, focusing on key topics such as future cities, aviation, healthcare, building information modelling and high-rise buildings.

For each issue, Katie works with the marketing team to plan the content, interviews staff and clients around the world to write the articles, and obtains internal and external approvals. Nick sub-edits the pages, writing headlines, sells and other display copy, working closely with the design team to produce a professional finished product.

The magazine has been very well received both within the company and outside – on one occasion, the chief executive even received an email from a stockbroker suggesting it be distributed more widely to shareholders and analysts.