The Possible is a 72-page print and digital magazine about the future of cities and the ideas and innovations that could help them to function better, which Wordmule produces on behalf of the engineering firm WSP.

It has a global circulation of 10,000, targeted at a senior audience of architects, developers, contractors, city planners, government agencies and institutes, and building users worldwide.

Read the first four issues here.

In 2016, WSP commissioned us to develop and produce a new client magazine. As a small team with a close working relationship, we have been able to craft a uniquely bespoke product. We had already been producing content for WSP for several years, so we were familiar with the company’s strengths and aspirations. We began by conducting 30+ in-depth interviews with the company’s clients and partners around the world, as well as speaking to specialists among its 42,000 employees. Using this feedback, we developed the format of the magazine, and commissioned, wrote and edited the articles, working with contributors within WSP to help them to author their own pieces. The Possible is designed by our longstanding collaborator Sam Jenkins at Supermassive.

Even though our target audience often complained of being inundated with content, we found there was a gap for an engaging, beautifully designed magazine that presented ground-breaking concepts in a way that readers could actually apply. This is what The Possible aims to do. The first four issues included in-depth features on reshaping healthcare for an ageing population, the limits of urban density, designing buildings to enhance wellbeing and securing cities against terror attacks, as well as technical stories on modular construction, new materials, digital modelling and climate change adaptation, and opinion pieces and interviews on topics ranging from blockchain to urban loneliness. Our infographic-style “future of” features on shopping districts, education, the workplace and airports have been reproduced as standalone supplements to support WSP’s specialist marketing campaigns.

Reactions to The Possible

“Congratulations on Issue 01 of The Possible. Such a great approach to thought leadership!” 

“Many compliments, very refreshing and well curated”

“What a beautifully put together publication with such great content – thanks for sharing!”

“Thanks for the link. I have now received the hard copy and I’m loving going through it. It is a really nice magazine with very good layout and quality.”

Read what WSP’s Julie Guppy, Global Head of Marketing, Property & Buildings, says about our work here.